Nicole Folkes


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my story


I love to paint. I love to create joy on canvas. And I love to be funny. Nothing gives me more pleasure that when someone looks at one of my pieces and they start to giggle, because they see the joke that I put there. You've gotta laugh a little, right?

I've been drawing since I was a little girl, and painting for over 20 years. It's cathartic. It's fun. And nothing gives me more pleasure than to do work that someone else loves. I paint my family - a lot of those women are my family members - and I love them so much I had to immortalize them on canvas. They became part of a bigger story. A story I needed to tell. That while people aren't perfect there's beauty in all of us. Some of it is sad. But it's all beautiful, because at the end of the day, they were all there, with me. 

I've been commissioned by  the 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Capital One, Artful Greetings, HunnyPot Art, the Mautner Project, AKBAR Restaurants and various private organizations. I live in Atlanta, GA with my wonderful husband and son and look for many reasons to smile, and paint, every day.

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