Nicole Folkes Art

I love to paint. I love to create joy on canvas. And I love to be funny. Nothing gives me more pleasure that when someone looks at one of my pieces and they start to giggle, because they see the joke that I put there. You've gotta laugh a little, right?

I've been drawing since I was a little girl, and painting for over 20 years. It's cathartic. It's fun. And nothing gives me more pleasure than to do work that someone else loves. I paint my family - a lot of those women are my family members - and I love them so much I had to immortalize them on canvas. They became part of a bigger story. A story I needed to tell. That while people aren't perfect there's beauty in all of us. Some of it is sad. But it's all beautiful. I paint people I see on the street. I'm inspired by a look. an expression. A feeling. And then I put it on cavas.

I've been commissioned by  the 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Capital One, Artful Greetings, HunnyPot Art, the Mautner Project, AKBAR Restaurants and various private organizations. I live in Atlanta, GA with my wonderful husband and son and look for many reasons to smile, and paint, every day.

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